Wyscout and InStat; what are they and why are they important?

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Instat opposition report

Wyscout and InStat are both key players in the marketplace when it comes to scouting, recruitment and analysis. Both companies provide access to thousands of game videos from across the world; ranging from the top leagues across Europe, Asia and South America all the way to Peruvian 2nd Division, Uzbekistan Super League and Futsal matches.

Wyscout and Instat

With access to all of this game footage, it means players can be analysed longitudinally from a much wider and diverse data source. Players succeeding in leagues that are less known in our country, are now open to be sourced, scouted and followed without needing to rack up thousands of air miles. This becomes especially important for teams working with a lesser budget or working in a department with less resources. Rather than having to continually fly across the world, initial background analysis can be completed from the video first. Only when a player continually impresses and hits the desired KPI’s, the chief scout may make the trip to watch them live; thus, saving time, money and resources for all concerned. However, the video is only the start of the additional services/content both companies provide to support us with our work.

The majority of matches are accompanied with a team sheet, formation, player names and numbers. Though this information may seem basic, it can be imperative and highly useful when analysing a player for the very first time – especially from a lesser known league or from footage that isn’t of the highest quality. It’s always important to bear in mind that the formation advertised may not be entirely correct; so personally, I’d always take responsibility to analyse that myself. After all, we are the ones doing the work so let’s take pride in using our own knowledge and making sure what we are doing is accurate! 

Formation from providers Wyscout and Instat

Personally, when scouting a player, I like to analyse them from a full match perspective but that isn’t even necessary. If we are looking to gain a general feel for a long list of players, we can simply watch clips specially related to those players or even specific moments of the game related to those players. Imagine we want a #9 who is strong in the air and have been given a list of 100+ players to analyse, the club have stressed the player HAS to be strong in the air as a key KPI for the new player. 

We can first watch clips of each players aerial duels to see whether that is a strength of their game or not. If it’s not, they can be cut from the list as they can’t provide us with what we are looking for. Just by using these additional tools, we can save ourselves time without needing to watch a full 90 minutes on a player who was never going to be what we needed. In a list of 100+ players, this could save us hours of work.

As well as providing us the means to complete our analysis through video, both companies also offer statistical reports that can add a different dimension to our work. These reports are based on individual matches or teams, across leagues or specific per player. If we look at the screen shot, we can see the average positions of players during a match and how each team changed their formation after every substitution. As mentioned previously, as long as the information provided is accurate, we can glean a deeper understand of how a team interacted with their formation. The team in red are playing a which is good information. However, if we look at the graphic below we can see the right wing back was generally higher (more attaching) than the left wing back. We can also see how narrow the right winger played compared to the left winger. Just by looking at this graphic, we have a much better understand of how a team actually played their system rather than just knowing what formation they played.

Both companies are ultimately there to support us in our work. They save a lot of time, effort and money whilst offering us a different dimension through statistics and reports.

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