PFSA Workshop: Opposition Scouting with Steve Jones

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Instat PFSA Workshop

An evening with current Lead Opposition Scout for Cardiff City, Steve Jones at Dartford FC on the 25th March 2020

The PFSA are pleased to announce we will be holding an workshop on opposition scouting with experienced senior opposition scout Steve Jones.

Steve has over 15 years experience at first-team level reporting directly to the first-team managaer. Steve was previously head of Opposition Scouting for Millwall under manager Neil Harris, before Neil moved to Cardiff where Steve was installed as Lead Opposition Scout.

The 3 hour work shop will be held at Dartford FC on the 25th March @ 7pm and will give attendees the opportunity to delve into the best practices of a professional at first-team level.


7pm -10pm (Timing approx.)

7 pm – Introductions

An introduction to Steve Jones, his role and what it takes to become a professional opposition scout at first-team level.

7-15 -7.45pm – What is opposition scouting

What is opposition scouting and what is expected from a scout presenting at first-team level. We will delve into the expectations and reality of the role. How, when and what to report on, with the intentions of conveying your message and analysis to professionals at the top of their game

7.45pm – Preparation

Delve into how to best prepare for your upcoming fixtures, including how to use the internet, and it’s resources to gain the best possible advantage going into a fixture. 

8.30pm – Execution

Group and an individual task involving watching certain wide-angled video clips. Steve will break down the play, highlight different styles and give advice on how to effectively structure your analysis.

8.50pm – Set plays and discussions

45 mins of intense analysis! How to effectively report on setplays and how to present your findings to management, ending with an informal discussion around best practices and what to avoid when writing your report.

9.30pm – Question & Answer 

The perfect opportunity to ask detailed questions regarding your analysis. Do you struggle with set plays or do you have difficulty jotting down accurate formations? Steve will spend the rest of the evening, answering questions before wrapping up the workshop.

10pm – Finish

Workshop Details



7pm – 10pm (approx)

Dartford FC, Grass Banks, Dartford DA1 1RT




15 MAX (Places are extremely limited so please remember to book early to avoid missing out.)


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