PFSA Scouting Network

PFSA Scouting Network

REAL Reports • REAL Clubs • REAL Experience!

Excellent news for PFSA certified football scouts. The PFSA has teamed up with several clubs in the Football and National League, to give new and experienced football scouts the opportunity to work with first team management and develop player, team and match reports. REAL Clubs, REAL Experience! 

Please note due to the popularity of the PFSA Scouting Network certified scouts are advised to register 2 weeks prior to taking on an assignment with the PFSA.

Types of Assignments

The PFSA Scouting Network currently conduct 2 types of assignments, opposition reports and general scouting. We have currently generated over 100 opposition reports for the clubs we work with. All of which goes directly to first-team management in their preparation for upcoming fixtures. You will help create tactical reports on designated fixtures with help from the team at the PFSA.

We also conduct general scouting assignments which can range from the willingness to bolster a squad to monitoring players on loan. Scouting assignments do vary as you work with management at the club.

PFSA Scouting Network Support Phase


The PFSA Scouting Network work with several high-profile clubs who have requested football scouts and analysts directly from the Scouting Network. The experience gainied on the network is second-to-none and gives football scouts and analysts the vital experience needed in order to apply or be considered for a suitable role within a football club.

The PFSA Scouting Network provides real experience, which will enable you to confidently apply for a role within football after creating several reports at professional level.

PFSA Level 3 Advanced Reporting Incentive!

The PFSA are committed to continuous development of our football scouts. So as part of the PFSA Scouting Network we are offering all football scouts who have taken part in this scheme the opportunity to gain FREE ACCESS to the PFSA Level 3 Advanced Reporting course! The PFSA Level 3 Advanced reporting course is now available online. The Level 3 is reserved for either experienced football scouts or thoses who have previously taken the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course, and delves deep into player, team and match analysis. 

Once a football scout on the scheme has completed 10 fixtures, we will give free access onto the next available Level 3 course. The PFSA Scouting Network covers over 20 fixtures every week including both mid-week and weekends, so technically 10 fixtures can be covered in 2 months! 

Active Football scouts currently on the PFSA Scouting Network

The PFSA endeavours to push the profile of our football scouts in their search for full-time employment within an analysis department. All scouts are PFSA certified to a minimum of a Level 2 which is a requirement on the PFSA Scouting Network.

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Once you have signed up to the scheme we will add you to our weekly mailer which will include all the fixtures for the upcoming week. If you need to get intouch with us in the meantime then please contact

Please note the PFSA Scouting Network is for PFSA certified football scouts only. If you haven’t already signed up, head on over to our education homepage.