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PFSA Football Scouting Experts

The Professional Football Scouts Association are proud to deliver the UK and overseas largest independent FREE Scouting Network, which gives clubs the opportunity to take advantage of the PFSA’s extensive certified membership. As a member of a participating league including the Premier, Championship and Football League, you are entitled to request a Professional Football Scouts Association Level 2 or 3 Certified Football Scout/Opposition Analyst to cover fixtures and generate scouting reports (Player, Team or Match Analysis).

Good news for overseas clubs, as we have signed a new partnership with Instat, one of the worlds leading video analysis platform, we can now take the PFSA Scouting Network overseas. We are already working with several clubs in the MLS.

Please use the form below to submit your request to the PFSA. Once we have received all your details the PFSA will be in touch to confirm the requirements. Please read through the below carefully which sheds light on the process and expectations of the scheme.


  • Access to over 2000 active certified football scouts on the PFSA Scouting Network
  • Instant access to a flexible scouting network
  • Choose your fixtures as you wish generating either individual or opposition analysis reports
  • Compete with clubs with larger resources covering up to a maximum of 10 fixtures per week of your choosing
  • Access to a personalised document portal where all your reports are stored
  • Access to a scouting coordinator who will allocate your fixtures, collect your reports and submit them to your portal
  • 100% confidential and COMPLETELY FREE!

Scouting Request Process

Once you have completed the below form, it will take around 1-3 weeks in order to process the request for access to certified football scouts and analysts. In this time the PFSA will set up your clubs specific online portal (where scouting reports will be published), allocate scouts and ensure all fixtures are covered. Once this is complete and football scouts are in place, all reports will be uploaded online for you to download.

Take a look at the process dropdown below which will give you a good understanding of the PFSA Scouting Network process. 


Register Your Interest

Once your club has registered, we will take a moment to get in touch and go over any specific requirements you might have for the season. Whether it’s opposition reports or general individual analysis. This way we can set expectations with the scouts. We will also create your unique portal where you can review all your scouting and analysis reports for the season.


Process Your Request

The team at the PFSA will then process all your fixtures and opposition for the season. This is usually in the form of an excel document. Remember we are completely flexible and happy to work around your schedule.


Allocate Football Scouts/Analysts

UK: The PFSA will then contact our network and allocate either a football scout or analyst who lives within a reasonable distance of the allocated fixtures. Once the football scout or football analyst are allocated we can then begin to generate scouting reports!

Overseas: All Scouting will be done over video through our partners Instat. We will watch the video and clips of the game and then generate the reports. We will be using Instat’s cutting edge platform for clip and set-piece analysis.


Generate Reports

Once we have allocated football scouts to your club we will schedule fixtures on a weekly basis and provide requested reports whether individual or opposition analysis. Again, we are extreemly flexible and take directions from the clubs. We can report on certain areas of the game inclding shape and formation or be specific to set pieces. We can even report on loan signings you may have at clubs or potential targets.

Either way, we are flexible. Please ensure you put as much detail in the requirement section as possible.

On the right is a screenshot of a 15 page report on Tranmere Rovers we were asked to complete by one of our League 2 clubs. Happy to send examples of our reports by request. Please contact

Example Report

Taking part in the PFSA Scouting Network is completely free of charge, we even pay the travel expenses. The PFSA receive funding, so there is no need to worry regarding costs.

All football scouts and analysts are PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification and Opposition Analysis certified. Providing both individual and match reports.


Head on over to the link to the right to gauge the types of reports we complete for our professional member clubs.


Please use the form below in order to register as a participating football club.The PFSA Co-ordinator will get back to you within 24 hours.