The Most Frequently Asked Questions on the PFSA Scouting Network

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The PFSA Scouting Network is the UK’s most extensive independent scouting network with over 350 active football scouts covering over 40 fixtures a week. We empower a performance analysis team by providing detailed opposition, and individual analysis reports to numerous clubs in the football league and several within the National League.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions on the PFSA Scouting Network from what you will need to qualify for the opportunities we provide to the number of football clubs on the scouting network. If you still have questions regarding the PFSA Scouting Network then feel free to contact the PFSA, and we will be happy to help.

What certifications do I need to
take part in the PFSA Scouting Network

You will need a minimum of a PFSA Level 2 certification in order to take part in the PFSA Scouting Network. Unfortunately, we do not accept any other type of talent identification certificate as we like to control the quality of our reports and we also wish to reserve this service to our member football scouts. If you do not hold a PFSA Level 2 Scouting Course certificate as a minimum, then please head on over to the PFSA Education homepage and view our portfolio of Scouting Courses.

What types of reports will I be asked to complete

Primarily opposition and individual analysis, however, the type of assignments vary according to the clubs current needs. The assignments are exciting, and you may find yourself covering a football league club generating detailed opposition analysis for an upcoming clash, or creating an individual analysis report for a potential signing in the January transfer window. These are real reports for real clubs at first-team level providing experience which is second to none.

I don’t feel confident enough yet to complete
an opposition analysis form

That’s fine; in fact, we don’t put new scouts on detailed opposition reports until they feel comfortable analysing a game. We reserve the more complex assignments for more experienced football scouts on the network so you won’t feel pressured into creating reports you’re not comfortable taking on. We will start you off on the more relaxed general scouting reports of which we work with several Football League clubs, enabling you to gain more experience while your analytical reporting grows in confidence.

What clubs are on the PFSA Scouting Network

We work with well over 20 football clubs on the PFSA Scouting Network including Wigan, Tranmere, Macclesfield Town, Forrest Green Rovers, Salford City, AFC Fylde and many more. All reports and assignments are first-team focused and not the academy.

Are PFSA Assignments paid

Generally speaking, all Scouting Network fixtures are unpaid, as we are focused on our football scouts gaining experience to then be comfortable enough to charge for their services and apply for a role within a performance analysis department. We do pay for reports every now and again to football scouts who have committed to the scouting network for a while, and a club has a specific request.

Are the match tickets covered
and what expenses can we claim

Yes, we provide complimentary football scout access to the games which come directly from the club you have been assigned. Seats range from the main stand to the Directors Box. We recently had a scout allocated the Royal Box at Wembley as we were asked to cover Tottenham Hotspur for an upcoming FA Cup clash. In regards to expenses, we cover travel costs up to £15-20.

What happens once I've signed up

If you are PFSA Certified to a minimum of a Level 2 Talent Identification In Football, then head on over to to join. Once you have signed up to the scouting network, you will receive weekly fixtures through a unique mailing list. All you require to do is reply to the fixtures in which you can attend. Adam Hobson runs and manages the PFSA Scouting Network and will allocate you to a suitable fixture with a set of full instructions from the club you have been assigned.

Whom do the reports go to

All Scouting Network reports are first-team focused in helping achieve a specific goal whether it be recruitment or opposition analysis. Once reports are completed by the football scouts, they will be sent either directly to the first-team manager/assistant manager or their performance analysis team to present to the first team management. Either way, your reports play a crucial part in their footballing operations.