Scouting Material

We are pleased to provide an array of scouting analysis material below from both our partners and the PFSA Scouting Network, including standardised opposition and individual analysis reports you can use as an independent opposition analyst.

We aim to keep this section up to date with the material used actively within an opposition analysis setup from the National League to the top tier of European football.

PFSA Scouting Network Reports

The new PFSA standardised opposition and individual reports are used on the PFSA Scouting Network.  Use the below templates for standardised opposition and individual reporting. The reports are partially complete to guide the user where to input the data. NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat installed in order to upload tactical images onto the report. 

PFSA Academy Scouting Reports

Download two separate professional standard academy reports used by elite CAT 1 clubs. The first is a player report for outfield players and the second is for a goalkeeper.

Instat Scouting Analysis Reports

PFSA partner Instat provide a detailed opposition analysis service to elite clubs within Europe. Instat’s reports are detailed and touch on all areas of their platform. They provide an excellent opportunity to access the terminology and analysis used within a top-tier report. We are pleased to shortly be announcing a strategic partnership with Instat aligned with this service.

Wyscout match analysis reports

The Professional Football Scouts Association are also pleased to partner with Wyscout. A cutting edge match analysis platform used by some of Europe’s leading clubs. Wyscout gives you the ability, through video and stats, to compile detailed match and player analysis reports, used for recruitment or preparation for upcoming fixtures through opposition analysis.

If you want to become a football scout take the first step with the PFSA scouting courses.

Opposition Scouting Advice

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