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With over 9000 football scouts registered with the PFSA and a thriving independent scouting network, it is inevitable we will come across individuals mimicking PFSA memberships cards, websites and even certificates. We have set up this section of the site for you to act on this activity and report any concern you may have; whether it’s a football scout you’re having doubts with or a website you feel may be imitating the PFSA.
We will act on all reports to the PFSA and you will receive a reply within 72 hours.

Worried about the authenticity of a PFSA member card or certificate? Then check with the PFSA


So how do you know whether a football scout is fraudulent? Here are some tips which should at least help you make a decision on whether they are imitating either the PFSA or a football scout.

Is the email address from an official club source

Does the email address have an official email tag line; for instance, Football Scouts are not always given an official address depending on their role; however, it’s still worth checking whether their domain address looks official or whether its a clear imitation of the original.

Example or are not official PFSA addresses. Neither is Always question, and use google to seek whether the source is real or fake.

Does the website look unprofessional

Scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and are now involving the web as a means of gathering information from users and replicating their data. Unfortunately, we have had to report several sites in the past which claim to either be working in official partnership with the PFSA or have imitating content on their website. If a company claims to be working with the PFSA, then feel free to reach out to us to confirm. It only takes minutes, and you’ll have an answer back within 48 hours. 

Do they carry Identification with them?

All football scouts connected with clubs should carry identification, whether its official through the club or personally. Don’t be afraid to ask for ID, either club identification or personal, If they don’t have either then i would seriously question why they have taken the trip out without a means of providing your identity.  Be wary though, club identification can be easily replicated if they have the source material, so ask the football scout for personal identification. 


All Professional Football Scout Association certifications have a unique reference number. If you question their credentials, then get in touch with the PFSA providing their name, reference number and date of issue. We will get back to you ASAP with whether or not they are registered as a football scout with the PFSA.