Level 2 Opposition Analysis In Football

Online PFSA Level 2 Opposition Analysis In Football

Designed and developed by leading experts to equip football scouts with the ability to effectively analyse the opposition using industry best practice. EXCLUSIVELY endorsed by Instat.

Designed and developed by industry leading professionals at first-team level. The PFSA Level 2 Opposition Analysis in Football course is the only scouting analysis programme officially endorsed by Instat, the worlds leading video analysis software to elite clubs in Europe and overseas. 

The PFSA Level 2 Opposition Analysis in Football course takes the online  Level 1 much further by delving into assessed match reporting. The new Level 2 is a result of our groundbreaking work on the PFSA Scouting Network of which is exclusive for PFSA certified football scouts. Both the PFSA Level 1 and 2 in Opposition Analysis will give you access onto the PFSA Scouting Network, which will give you an opportunity to generate detailed reports for first-team management.

The new Level 2 Opposition Scouting In Football course will equip users with industry best practice in generating reports for clubs at an individual level; a new era of opposition scouting which we have seen become extremely popular over the past decade. 

Once completed you will be assessed by a a full-time elite opposition scout from our pool of contacts here at the PFSA. These currently include the authors of the course, one of which is currently an active, full-time opposition analyst at first-team level with arguably one of europe’s strongest teams of the past decade. 

Suitable For:

  • Football scouts with a deep interest for opposition and individual analysis and the demands set within the game
  • Football scouts with an advanced knowledge of the role looking to further their employment potential within a club
  • Industry recognition with a professional grade certification
  • Football scouts looking to enhance their talent identification and analysis capabilities
  • Football scouts looking to gain access on to the UK’s largest independant professional scouting network with the PFSA.

Learning outcomes:

Successful completion of the PFSA Level 2 Opposition Analysis In Football course will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Understand the complexity the role demands – within a department at a range of levels including advanced, intermediate and beginner.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the tools and technology utilised within analysis, meeting the adaptions within the game
  • Establish deeper understanding in applying and presenting reports in line with best practice methodology at a range of levels
  • Understand formations and their impact on gameplay and analysis
  • Ability to sufficiently analyse game performance and present with confidence to you peers.
  • Demonstrate understanding around systems of play, principles of play, units and outcomes. Aligned to club expectations.
  • Conduct advanced game analysis to consolidate learning objectives to achieve professional competences
  • Critically appraise different formations used within tactics, giving you the ability to adapt your analysis to certain styles of play

Units Include

  • Module 1 & 2
  • Understanding the role, aims and expectations of a professional opposition scout.
  • Evolution of opposition scouting
  • Opposition analysis and the recruitment workflow
  • Modern scouting developments and the use of metrics
  • Understanding systems of play
  • Analysing a teams formation
  • Analysing a teams style of play and how they are influenced
  • Understanding levels of performance and expectations
  • Module 3, 4 and 5
  • Set-plays and tools for application
  • Breaking down set-plays
  • Wide-angled match analysis
  • Compiling an effective opposition report
  • Using software, analysis tools and data applications
  • The future of scouting

Delivered by experts

The online PFSA Level 2 Opposition Analysis In Football course will be delivered by TWO of our UEFA Pro License tutors and one of our expert opposition analysts.

There will be 2 core sessions, including homework and assessments, to complete in your own time.

Available Dates

All dates and times are in GMT

  • Session 1: Oct 10th - 9am/1pm | Session 2: Oct 11th - 9am/1pm (FULL)
  • Session 1: Nov 7th – 9am/1pm | Session 2: Nov 8th – 9am/1pm (LIMITED)
  • Session 1: Dec 5th – 9am/1pm | Session 2: Dec 6th – 9am/1pm (NEW DATE)


The PFSA online course will be held over two days with homework throughout, including exciting assessments enabling you to put all the theory into action. You will be given access to our partner’s platform, Instat, the world-leading providers of football analysis software to elite European clubs, where you will analyse a game and provide recommendations on players. Remember we will support you 100% through the way.

You will be given access onto Instat’s platform, used by most of Europe’s top professional clubs to generate your reports.