Save money and enrol onto both PFSA Scouting Courses.

The PFSA run two very popular Scouting Courses, the Introduction Into Football Scouting and the Level 1 Talent Identification In Football. Both courses explore the role of a football scout and the art of talent identification. You can now book onto both courses and save money in the process! 

Below you will find a little more information on the both courses and the enrolment form. Please allow up to 24 hours before a username and password to be issued once you have completed the form below.

Introduction Into Football Scouting

PFSA Introduction Into Football Scouting Emblem

The PFSA Introduction into Football Scouting Course is aimed at those thinking about a career as a professional Football Scout. The course will delve deep into key areas vitally important to football scouting. Below you will find a number of topics which the course addresses. 

Topics Include:

  • About The PFSA (Aims And Objectives)
  • What Is A Football Scout
  • Skills Required For Football Scouting
  • Player And Tactical Scouts
  • How Do Scouts Find Talent
  • Match And Player Reporting
  • Importance Of Scouting
  • Talent Identification In Football
  • Academy Players
  • Football Club Development Centres
  • Age Specific Coaching
  • Scouts Protocol
  • How Do I Become A Professional Football Scout

Level 1 Talent Identification In Football

PFSA Level 3 Scouting Course Emblem

The PFSA Level 1 was developed by elite Premier League Scouts and Heads of Recruitment touches on all aspects of talent identification and is the recommend entry course if you’re serious about completing the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football Coursewhich is the minimum requirement in order to operate as a football scout in line with the EPPP.

The 11 module course will equip you with a firm understanding and platform to further develop your knowledge of the talent identification process and what is needed in order to operate as both a football scout or an elite coach.

The course has been developed in line with the EPPPand is a great stepping stone for a career within football. Please use the below form to book onto the PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football Course.

Modules include:

  • About The PFSA (Aims And Objectives)
  • Introducing Talent Identification
  • The EPPP
  • Talent Identification Predictors
  • Football Scouts and Player Reports
  • Talent Identification Characteristics in a Goalkeeper and the Relative Age Effect
  • Anthropological Predictors
  • Technical Skill Predictors
  • Psychological and Sociological Predictors
  • Limitations and Importance of Talent Identification

The PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football Course, unlike the Introduction Into Football Scouting Course delves much deeper into what football scouts look for in a player (Talent Identification).

All PFSA Online Scouting Courses are best ran using a PC or Mac running Google Chrome