Level 2
Performance Analysis In Football

Created by a current Premiership Head of Performance Analysis and Programme Lead (Performance Analysis) at one of the UK's leading sporting Universities.

Level 2 Performance Analysis In Football

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new PFSA Level 2 Performance Analysis In Football course. Created by an award-winning e-learning design agency with content provided by a Head of Performance Analysis for a top Premiership club and a Programme Lead (Performance Analysis) for a leading UK sporting University.

What is performance analysis?

Performance analysis is an emerging discipline in football. It uses data science and technological tools to evaluate the performance of players in an objective way. Although it relies primarily on quantitative data, performance analysis also draws on more qualitative methods, such as video analysis of tactics and formations.

The aim of performance analysis is to provide an overarching assessment of performance to help develop an understanding of actions that can inform the decision-making process. Analysis is undertaken to optimize performance, support the coaching process, improve player performance and help deliver tactical insights to help win football matches. Opposition analysis is based around the same principles but focusses on the identification of opposition strengths, weaknesses and tactical approach. Analysis is simply another extension to the coaching arm.

Performance analysis is a fast-evolving discipline, so the analysis workflows in use at elite football clubs are in a state of constant development.

Analysis processes also vary from club to club, depending on each club’s:

  • Infrastructure
  • Budget
  • Personnel & Experience
  • Playing Style
  • Coaching Vision

Furthermore, clubs are always seeking a competitive advantage over their rivals. This drives analysts to find new sources of data and new ways of interpreting it.

However, all performance analysis workflows are founded on the same core principles. It is these principles which we’ll examine in this course.

What is a performance analysis workflow?

PFSA Level 1 courses are foundational entry-level courses, which will give you a solid understanding of the topic. However, all PFSA Level 2 courses and above, including the new PFSA Level 2 Technical Scouting In Football, delve into what we call a professional workflow. The workflow can best be described as the analyst’s process while performing his/her duty. This is not just theory but application. This means you will gain 1st class access to how professionals do things at top clubs and how you can apply it within your club, regardless of level.

Who helped write the new PFSA Level 2 Performance Analysis In Football course?

The PFSA spend a considerable amount of resources, ensuring we get the best professionals within the game to help create our content and discuss what makes them an excellent performance analyst. We have a leading Head of Performance Analysis for a top London based Premier League club and a Programme Lead for a leading football-based University with campuses across the globe. You will learn first-hand how these professionals perform performance analysis within a football context. We basically lift the lid on the hidden practices within an elite club and make them available for our users.

What will you learn:

Who is the PFSA Level 2 Performance Analysis In Football course for?

We have designed the new PFSA Level 2 to be taken as an extension to the Level 1 Performance Analysis In Football course. Whether you’re new to performance analysis or established within a professional club. As mentioned previously, this course will delve into how professionals conduct their role at an elite Premier League club and a leading sports University.

The course is split into 5 sections:

Each section will touch on a performance analyst duty within each task; pre-match, match day, post-match, working at a club and then onto a conclusion. The course will involve a lengthy interactive course followed by an assessment, where you will be quizzed on each individual module.

Course structure

The PFSA Level 2 Performance Analysis In Football course is 100% online and self-paced, meaning you can complete this course in your own time and at your own pace.

Expect to spend 8/16 hours completing the course, which will include separate research.

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