Online PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football

The original and best talent identification programme in both the UK and overseas is now online! The PFSA Level 2 Talent ID course is internationally recognised and officially endorsed by instat, the worlds leading football analysis platform.

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The PFSA are pleased to finally announce we have now put the industry-leading Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course ONLINE! The PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football Course is an industry leading, internationally recognised certification by the PFSA and our most popular option. The PFSA Level 2 has been taken by many ex-professional footballers and current Heads of Recruitment to further their knowledge of Talent Identification and is the only Level 2  endorsed by Instat, the world-leading provider of analysis software to elite clubs across the Globe.

The online PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course will be powered by Zoom and delivered by our lead tutors. We will also have guests QnA’s and webinars exclusively for those on the online course, including industry professionals.

We have seen a tremendous demand to put the PFSA Level 2 online, and we’re happy to say it is now available. We will run specific dates and will limit the number of attendees to encourage engagement between users. Network with professional scouts from all around the world, expanding your contacts overseas and begin your journey as a professional football scout.

Units Include:

  • Module 1 & 2 - Talent Identification In Football
  • Talent Indicators and Early Predictors of Talent
  • Performer Profiling
  • Successful Talent ID Programmes and Systems for Football
  • Creating / Implementing Talent ID Programmes
  • Understand How Sporting Talent Is Developed and Maintained
  • The Future of Talent ID in Football
  • Module 3 & 4 - Match, Team & Individual Analysis
  • Role of a Scout
  • Scouting Protocols
  • Match Preparation
  • Video Analysis
  • Individual Player Reporting
  • Match Reporting
  • Team Formations
  • Player Assessments and Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses of a Player

Football Clubs who have attended the courses include: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, AFC Bournemouth, FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Celtic, Aberdeen,  Stoke City, Burnley, Bolton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur, Coventry, Bury, Reading, Blackpool and many more.

New and experienced football scouts have travelled from all over the World to attend the courses – which include America, Australia, Cambodia, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Columbia, Brazil, Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Gibraltar, Turkey, Lithuania and many more.

The PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course is perfect for both scouts who wish to further their knowledge with an accredited certification in Talent Identification and those looking to enter a career in football scouting.

All new customers onto the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football Course will receive exclusive access to Instat. The PFSA is proud to partner with one of the markets leading analysis platforms used by Arsenal, Manchester United and many more.

The Online course and delivery

The online PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course, will be delivered over 4 sessions within 7 days. There will be 2 core sessions which will delve into all 4 modules with two support sessions following. There will be homework and assessments to complete in your own time during the sessions.

For instance:
Option 1 Week 1:
Saturday: 9am – 1pm – Module 1/2
Sunday: 9am – 1pm – Module 3/4
Tuesday – 6pm – 9pm – Support Sessions
Thursday – 6pm-9pm – Webinar/QnA

Available Dates

All dates and times are in GMT

  • Session 1: Sept 19th - 3pm/7pm | Session 2: Sept 20th - 3pm/7pm | Session 3: Sept 22nd - 6pm/9pm (FULL)
  • Session 1: Oct 3rd - 9am/1pm | Session 2: Oct 4th - 9am/1pm | Session 3: Oct 6th - 6pm/9pm (LIMITED)
  • Session 1: Oct 17th - 9am/1pm | Session 2: Oct 18th - 9am/1pm | Session 3: Oct 20th - 6pm/9pm (LIMITED)
  • Session 1: Oct 31st - 9am/1pm | Session 2: Nov 1st - 9am/1pm | Session 3: Nov 3rd - 6pm/9pm (NEW DATE)

Guest webinars

Below is the list of guests and their allocated online sessions from above. The guests will spend time with users from that particular course. All guests will share their insight into the professional game, hints and tips and advice on kickstarting a career in football. You will also be joined by football scouts at all levels already attending the course.

  • Andy Howe/AFC Bournemouth
  • Head of Domestic 1st Team Scouting
  • Webinar: Sep 24th
  • Steve Jones/Cardiff City
  • Head of Opposition Scouting
  • Webinar: Sep 24th
  • Rich Bredice/RSC Anderlecht
  • 1st Team Performance Analyst
  • Webinar: Sep 24th
  • Bruno Costa/SJ Earthquakes
  • Head of Scouting
  • Webinar: Sep 24th


As part of the PFSA Online Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course, you will receive support sessions from our tutors to help cement your learning over Zoom, call or WhatsApp . Including a private career development session, enforcing our commitment in supporting you once certified.


The PFSA online course will be held over two days with homework throughout, including exciting assessments enabling you to put all the theory into action. You will be given access to our partner’s platform, Instat, the world-leading providers of football analysis software to elite European clubs, where you will analyse a game and provide recommendations on players. Remember we will support you 100% through the way.

You will be given access onto Instat’s platform, used by most of Europe’s top professional clubs to generate your reports.

PFSA Scouting Network

As a PFSA Certified Level 2 Football Scout you are entitled to access onto the PFSA Scouting Network. The PFSA Scouting Network have partnered with several clubs within the football league and non-league and is the UK’s largest independent active scouting network. Once you are certified, you can undertake first-team assignments generating both individual and match reports as high as the Championship. This is a unique service which gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent of which clubs use the PFSA Scouting Network exclusively to recruit new football scouts.


Clubs from around the world including representatives from Orlando City SC, New York Red Bulls, FC Dallas, Brighton, Liverpool, Juventus, Blackpool FC, AJAX, Auckland City, Sheffield Wednesday, Hibernian, Cambridge United, Sharjah FC, Dubai City, Leicester City, Huddersfield Town, Crystal Palace, Rangers, Melbourne Victory, PSG, Chesterfield, Swindon, PSV Eindhoven, DC United and Tottenham have already signed up on the first wave of sessions. Join and network with scouts from all over the world and share knowledge and best practice.

Guest QnA and Webinars

Over the years the PFSA has a whos-who of industry experts onto the PFSA Level 2, all of which is a testament to the quality of our content.

With the online series, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from industry experts such as Andy Howe, AFC Bournemouth’s Head of 1st Team Domestic Scouting, Steve Jones Head of Opposition Analysis Cardiff City and Richard Bredice, 1st Team Performance Analyst for RSC Anderlecht to name a few. These are sessions exclusively for users on the online Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course.

The PFSA are pleased to partner with Instat, who have exclusively endorsed the online PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course. They will give our users access to their industry-leading platform usually reserved for professional clubs and analysts. We will use this platform to both analyse games and individual during the courses, when we put the theory into action.


The PFSA are industry-leading providers of talent identification training (scouting courses) in both the UK and overseas. We value your feedback and pride ourselves on continuing to improve our services to our members. Please see below our testimonials from various members of the PFSA including Ryan Giggs, Shaun Goater, David Dunn, Timons Paul (Bayern Munich), Andy Howe (AFC Bournemouth) and most importantly Academy Manager’s, Head’s of Recruitment and Football Scouts of whom are influential in championing the continuous development of talent identification within their clubs and football in general.

Check out all our testimonials here

“The PFSA is a great resource for new and experienced football scouts. The course is well structured and covers all aspects of scouting. I have no hesitation on recommending the association for developing and delivering relevant scout courses in the near future.” RYAN GIGGS - WALES HEAD COACH


What is the difference between the practical and online course?

There is no difference at all in the content; the only difference is the delivery. One is online and one is face-to-face. The games and tasks you analyse will be provided by Instat, whereas the games you analyse on the practical course will be live.

How many connect sessions will there be during the course?

There will be 4 in total. two 4-hour core sessions and then 2 support and Q’n’A sessions.

Will I get to network with the scouts online?

Absolutely. In fact, the new online PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course will give you the opportunity to network with football scouts worldwide.

Will I get access to the PFSA Scouting Network?

Yes, this is the same certification as the practical option; therefore, you get access onto the PFSA Scouting network, the UK’s largest independent scouting network.

What games will we analyse?

Due to Covid-19 there will be no live games which will enable our users to attend games in person. However, we are partners with one of the worlds leading football analysis platform, Instat. All users will gain two weeks access to the course to analyse certain games and players.

I have no experience but looking to start a career in football scouting, can i take the Level 2?

Absolutely. The PFSA Level 2 is for new and experienced football scouts and that is what makes the course so engaging, by challenging different viewpoints.

Do I need to take the Level 1 before I  can access the Level 2?

No. There are no prerequisites in order to take the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course as all the content within the Level 1 is covered in much depth over the new online Level 2.

I’m from overseas can I take this course?

Of course. This is an internationally recognised certification by the PFSA. The question we are asked the most from our overseas football scouts, is when are we putting the practical Level 2  online.

Enrol Below - £290

The NEW online PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course is now available for registration to the public. We are already noticing extremely high demand, so please remember to book early to avoid disappointment.