PFSA Level 1
Performance Analysis In Football

Created by an elite performance analyst

PFSA Level 1 Performance Analysis In Football

The PFSA are pleased to announce our new Level 1 Performance Analysis in Football course is now available! 

Endorsed by Instat and created by current industry leading experts, it’s time to broaden your knowledge and dive into the world of performance analysis.

What is Performance Analysis?

Performance analysis is an emerging discipline in football. It uses data science and technological tools to evaluate the performance of players in an objective way. Although it relies primarily on quantitative data, performance analysis also draws on more qualitative methods, such as video analysis of tactics and formations.

The aim of performance analysis is to provide an overarching assessment of performance to help develop an understanding of actions that can inform the decision-making process. Analysis is undertaken to optimize performance, support the coaching process, improve player performance and help deliver tactical insights to help win football matches. Opposition analysis is based around the same principles but focusses on the identification of opposition strengths, weaknesses and tactical approach. Analysis is simply another extension to the coaching arm.

What will you learn:

The PFSA Level 1 Performance Analysis in Football course is perfect for both budding and current analysts, as well as scouts looking to expand their toolkits – it’s the most comprehensive analysis course currently on the market. For all you football fanatics out there wanting to get a better understanding of the inner workings of professional clubs – we’ve got you covered.

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Modules 3/4

Richard Bredice - Performance Analysts and member of the PFSA.


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