Industry Leading Scouting Analysis Platform

PFSA and Instat

The PFSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Instat football as we aim to provide our member scouts with additional resources to further their career in football scouting and talent identification. The new partnership, which we seek to roll out fully over the next three months, will see both the PFSA and Instat collaborate across several platforms including education.

The PFSA is the UK’s and overseas leading provider of talent identification in football courses with a thriving scouting network exclusive for PFSA Members. We aim to collaborate with industry-leading platforms including Instat by offering our members access to exclusive content including unique trial access to Instat’s platform. 

Over the next three months, both new and existing PFSA football scouts will gain access to unique scouting reports created by our partners Instat. Instat offers an industry leading scouting analysis service by providing clubs with an in-depth scouting report across several disciplines including both opposition and player reports. 

PFSA members will gain the opportunity to access current forms through a unique portal giving our users access to professional grade scouting analysis insights to guide your learning.

To qualify for the above, you need to be either a new or existing member of the Professional Football Scouts Association. For further information on how to register, please follow the link below. Alternatively, head on over to the PFSA Education and take a look at the latest available PFSA Scouting Course dates held in both the UK and overseas.