How to become a professional football scout

All the information you need in kickstarting your career in talent identification

PFSA Football Scouting Experts

The Professional Football Scouts Association are the UK and Overseas leading providers of talent identification in football training to both new and experienced football scouts with the largest professional scouting network in the UK exclusive to PFSA certified football scouts.

We work with new and veteran scouts alike, working hard to conceptualise and execute new and exciting ways of highlighting talent. Our extensive portfolio of engaging football scouting courses are setting a new benchmark in the industry.

We understand you may have questions as to how to become a professional football scout. While we’ve done our best to answer the most frequently asked questions below, you can contact the PFSA for more information.

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What PFSA certifications do you recommend if I'm new to football scouting?​

Congratulations – this is a very exciting time! We strongly advise new scouts take the Level 1 Talent Identification in Football Course. You can complete the course’s 11 modules online in your own time, giving yourself an incredible head-start in your Football Scouting Career. Once you have completed the PFSA Level 1 and you feel a career as a talent spotter is for you, then the next step is the industry standard PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football, which is NOW ONLINE!

How old do I have to be in order to pursue a career as a professional football scout and do I need experience to attend your courses?

You have to be at least 18 years old in order to be a professional football scout. You do not need any football scouting experience in order to complete any PFSA Scouting Course, just a good understanding of the game

How do I find more information on the PFSA Scouting Courses? 

You can find all the information you need on our dedicated page to PFSA Scouting Courses. This includes all the information you need including costs, location and how to book. If you need any further information then feel free to contact the PFSA.

What is a DBS check and do I have to complete one?

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) was formerly known as a CRB check, every football scout must complete an application before they are able to work with children. The PFSA work in partnership with Personnel Checks who conduct all our DBS checks.

Do I receive a certificate after attending the course?

Yes, the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In FootballLevel 3 Advanced Reporting and the PFSA Level 2 Opposition Analysis In Football Courses you will receive a PFSA Education Certificate, recognised worldwide. You will also receive a PFSA certification for all our online interactive courses. Including our PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification In Football, Level 1 Opposition Analysis In Football, Level 1 Technical Scouting In Football, Introduction Into Football Scouting, and Introduction Into Football Intermediary Course.

What are the chances of finding a position within a football club?

The PFSA will do our best in order to help you find a suitable club in your area. We have also teamed up with clubs in the Football League, Conference and Evo-Stik to give newly certified PFSA Football Scouts the opportunity to generate REAL opposition reports for REAL football clubs as they prepare for their upcoming fixtures. The PFSA Scouting Network is available to PFSA Level 2 certified football scouts.

Scouting Network

PFSA Support Phase

As a PFSA Certified Level 2 Football Scout you are entitled to access onto the PFSA Scouting Network. The PFSA Scouting Network have partnered with several clubs within the football league and non-league and is the UK’s largest independent active scouting network. Once you are certified, you can undertake first-team assignments generating both individual and match reports as high as the Championship. This is a unique service which gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent of which clubs use the PFSA Scouting Network exclusively to recruit new football scouts and opposition analysts.

How often and where do you deliver your practical Level 2 courses?

We deliver our PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football, PFSA Level 3 Advanced Reporting and Level 2 Opposoition Analysis in Football Course once a month across the UK inclduing at Hotel Football, Manchester and the Hive, London. Due to COVID and the demand to have these courses accessable overseas, we have taken all of our courses online. We also deliver both courses at various partner sites including the USA with the MLS and DC United, the UAE with the UAE FA and in the capital, London with Barnet FC.

Who has attended your courses to date?

Both new and experienced football scouts, ex-professional footballers, agents, analyst, coaches, journalists, managers and the general public with no experience. Check out our testimonials for more information on past attendees.

Where else are you delivering the courses?

The PFSA are constantly delivering courses beyond the borders of Manchester. We have delivered courses with partners in the Scottish Premier League and down South in the Football League. We have signed a 5-year partnership with the UAE FA in helping develop talent identification in the region and many more individual countries including the USA. Please keep an eye on our scouting courses to see if we are coming to a club or country near you.

Can I attend the course if I live abroad?

Yes, people have travelled from America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe. We also deliver our industry-standard Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course ONLINE!