PFSA Football Trials (FAQ)

PFSA Football Trials

Here at the PFSA we understand that your quest for a professional contract can not only be physically demanding on the field, but can also take it’s toll off the field with the mountains of information available pointing you in different directions. It takes a good amount of research and smart decisions if you’re looking to proceed down the route of football trials days with plenty of companies available that don’t have the adequate network available in order to provide you with the opportunity of a football trial.

To ease any stress and to make life that little easier, we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions we receive on a daily basis from prospective trialists.

If we haven’t answered any of your questions below then please feel free to contact the PFSA and we will be happy to help.

How many clubs attend the PFSA Football Trials and who are they?

We usually cap clubs attending on the day to around 15. However, the PFSA record all games and send video footage to our whole network. Football scouting is changing and we are seeing more and more elite scouts working independently with an extensive network of clubs. This is most evident with our co-founder David Hobson. David is arguably one of the UK’s most experienced senior academy scouts with a network of players at elite level through his years of scouting. He works with some of the UK’s top clubs in helping build a high standard of quality players within their academy.

On top of the 15 scouts we work with, independent scouts like David, with their extensive network further the opportunity of the trialist.

How many players are scouted?

This really does vary depending on the trial. The PFSA success rate is much higher than conventional trials due to many factors including the coaching, the expectation and instructions we give and the high standard of trialists.

PFSA Coaches work with some of the UK’s elite football clubs. Our lead coach Dean Whitehouse currently works for Manchester United and has overseen the development of the some of the UK hottest talent including Danny Welbeck and Marcus Rashford. He has the ability to bring out the best in players through his coaching and management on the day, giving players the best opportunity. This is likewise for all PFSA coaches on the day.

We usually have around 40% of players details requested on the day with around 60% of those requested invited in for trial.

I'm over 18, can I take part?

Absolutely. Do not let age distract you from chasing your goal. If you are not successful with a professional club we have plenty of semi-professional clubs in our network who may be interested. We have had players scouted at 26, 28 and even 30.

Can I attend the trials if I live outside the UK?

If you live within Europe, absolutely, and this will not put off too many clubs. Infact we have had many players who have come from Europe, in particular Sweden who have gone on to sign professional contracts through the PFSA football trials. The problem occurs when a player comes from outside of the EU and requires a visa in order to join a club. It is unlikely a club will take you further as the Visa restriction will cause an issue.

Are the PFSA football trials just in Preston?

We are in the process of confirming several further locations around the UK especially with our partner clubs of which we work with through the PFSA. Please keep an eye out on social media and the football trials homepage for further information

Is accommodation provided on the day?

Unfortunately accommodation is not provided on the day, however there are plenty of options available through