PFSA Scouting Programme

The PFSA Football Scouting Programme

The PFSA are pleased to announce the ultimate scouting programme, giving our users the best possible opportunity to access ALL of our industry-leading scouting courses. Including ALL online education and the internationally recognised PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football course and the PFSA Level 3 Advanced Reporting.

It doesn’t end there. Once certified, you gain access onto the PFSA Scouting Network, arguable the most vital corridor for football scouts, bridging the gap between education and employment, as we allocate you to a professional Football League club to generate REAL REPORTS, FOR REAL CLUBS.

All this for just £600.

Whats Included:

PFSA Level 1 Opposition Analysis In Football

PFSA Level 1 Opposition Analysis In Football

The PFSA are pleased to announce the ONLINE Level 1 Opposition Analysis In Football course. Developed by a full-time first-team opposition analyst for arguably one of Europe’s greatest teams this past decade. The PFSA Level 1 is aimed at the independent opposition analyst which aims to equip the user with an insight into the industries best practices both within opposition and individual analysis.

The PFSA Opposition Analysis In Football course is more than just a Level 1. It was designed with the PFSA Scouting Network in mind, the UK’s largest independent team of football scouts, to create further detailed reports for our member clubs.

The Level 1 course will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Understand the role of an opposition scout and their setting in the wider context of football
  • Explain the tools and technology available to create comprehensive and engaging analysis
  • Analyse set pieces and document them in a report
  • Understand formations and their impact on gameplay and analysis
  • Explain the process of individual analysis and the key points to look out for when analysing players
  • Produce a complete opposition and independent analysis based on your new knowledge

RRP: £89.99

PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification In Football

PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification In Football

The PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football Course was developed by elite Premier League Football Scouts, Heads of Recruitment and Academy Managers, and touches on all aspects of talent identification.

Unlike other online talent identification courses, the PFSA 1 Talent Identification In Football Course delves much deeper into the profession of football scouting and is the industry-leading online introduction into talent identification.

The 11 module course will equip you with a firm understanding and platform to further develop your knowledge of the talent identification process and what is needed to operate as both a football scout or an elite coach.

The course has been developed in line with the EPPP and is a great stepping stone for a career within football.

Modules include:

  • Introducing Talent Identification
  • Understanding the EPP
  • Talent Identification Predicators
  • Football Scouts and Player Reports
  • Talent ID Predictors in a Goalkeeper and the Relative Age Effect​
  • Anthropological Predictors
  • Technical Skill Predictors
  • Psychological and Sociological Predictors
  • Limitations and Importance of Talent Identification

Notes: The PFSA Level 1 in Talent Identification in Football and the Introduction into Football Scouting DO NOT provide the necessary skills needed to operate as a football scout in line with the EPPP. Please see the 2-day practical PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football Course to further your knowledge of Talent Identification in Football and to ultimately operate as a Football Scout within a Category-A club.

The PFSA Level 1 Talent Identification in Football course is based 100% online. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive your assigned username and password within 24 hours. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder, as these emails can often get caught by filters. We recommend you take the course on a PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome installed for optimal speed and ease of use.

RRP: £79.99

Level 1 Technical Scouting In Football

Level 1 Technical Scouting In Football

PFSA Level 1 Technical Scouting In Football

The PFSA are pleased to announce a ground breaking new online course within technical scouting. Developed by a senior consultant to the likes of Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid to name a few, the new Level 1 in Technical Scouting delves deep within the profession.

What is Technical Scouting?

Technical scouting is an approach to player evaluation which draws on information technology and data science. It is not a replacement for traditional scouting. Instead, it makes new kinds of information available to scouting teams, including objective measures of performance.

Technical scouting also creates new possibilities for scouting teams. For example, while the coverage of a traditional scouting team is limited by its resources, technical scouting methods can be used to screen a virtually unlimited number of players, all over the world.

Although technical scouting uses advanced mathematical techniques in the background, the basic principles are straightforward. Even those with little mathematical knowledge can use technical scouting insights to evaluate players.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Technical Scouting?

The key difference between traditional and technical scouting lies in the kind of information each method relies on.

In traditional football scouting:

  • Information is provided by scouts, who are employed by a club to watch players in action and report on their impressions.
  • This information is subjective, relying on the perspective and judgment of individual scouts. Even experienced scouts may disagree about a player’s skill set, or his overall potential.
  • Scouts present their information primarily in the form of written reports. A written narrative is less precise than a numerical report, but can often convey nuances that numbers and graphics cannot.

By the end of this course, you will know:

  • The key differences between technical and traditional scouting
  • The benefits of technical scouting for player evaluation
  • The tools and techniques used in technical scouting
  • The different types of player performance data
  • How data analysis is used in recruitment
  • The four stages of the technical player-recruitment workflow

RRP: £89.99

PFSA Introduction Into Football Scouting

PFSA Introduction Into Football Scouting

The PFSA Introduction into Football Scouting Course is aimed at those thinking about a career as a Football Scout. The course will delve into key areas vitally important to football scouting. Below you will find a number of topics which the course addresses.

Modules include:

  • The Aim and Objectives of the PFSA
  • What is a Football Scout
  • Skills Required for Football Scouting
  • Player and Tactical Scouts
  • How Do Football Scouts Search For Talent
  • Match and Player Reporting
  • Importance of Scouting
  • Talent Identification In Football
  • Football Club Development Centres
  • How Do I Become A Professional Football Scout

Please note the completion of the PFSA Introduction Into Football Scouting Course does not equip you with the skills necessary in order to become a Football Scout. The PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football Course is aimed at those seriously looking at pursuing a career in football scouting or furthering their knowledge of Talent Identification (See below).

RRP: £59.99

PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football

PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football

The PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification in Football Course is an industry leading, internationally recognised accredited certification by the PFSA and our most popular option. The PFSA Level 2 has been taken by many ex-professional footballers and current Heads of Recruitment to further their knowledge of Talent Identification and is the only Level 2  endorsed by Instat, the world-leading provider of analysis software to elite clubs across the Globe.


Two day practical course usually held over a Saturday and Sunday. The PFSA Level 2 commences at 9am and finishes at 5pm on both days.

Please note that although the home of the PFSA Level 2 is Hotel Football, Old Trafford, we do hold courses with our partners across the UK and overseas.

Unlike other talent identification offerings, the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football Course was developed and is delivered by industry leading elite talent identification experts with Premier League experience.

Modules Include: 

  • Day 1 - Talent Identification In Football
  • Talent Indicators and Early Predictors of Talent
  • Performer Profiling
  • Successful Talent ID Programmes and Systems for Football
  • Creating / Implementing Talent ID Programmes
  • Understand How Sporting Talent Is Developed and Maintained
  • The Future of Talent ID in Football
  • Day 2 - Match, Team & Individual Analysis
  • Role of a Scout
  • Scouting Protocols
  • Match Preparation
  • Video Analysis
  • Individual Player Reporting
  • Match Reporting
  • Team Formations
  • Player Assessments and Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses of a Player

Football Clubs who have attended the courses include: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, AFC Bournemouth, FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Celtic, Aberdeen,  Stoke City, Burnley, Bolton Wanderers, Tottenham Hotspur, Coventry, Bury, Reading, Blackpool and many more.

New and experienced football scouts have travelled from all over the World to attend the courses – which include America, Australia, Cambodia, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Columbia, Brazil, Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Gibraltar, Turkey, Lithuania and many more.

The PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football course is perfect for both scouts who wish to further their knowledge with an accredited certification in Talent Identification and those looking to enter a career in football scouting.

All new customers onto the PFSA Level 2 Talent Identification In Football Course will receive exclusive access to Instat. The PFSA is proud to partner with one of the markets leading analysis platforms used by Arsenal, Manchester United and many more.

RRP: £600

PFSA Level 3 Advanced Reporting

PFSA Level 3 Advanced Reporting

The PFSA Advanced Reporting course provides an in-depth insight into reporting while exploring the power of evolving technology. We deliver this industry leading football analysis course at a range of locations nationwide and abroad.

Upcoming Dates: New dates to be announced shortly.

Venue: AFC Fylde, Mill Farm Sports Village. PR4 3JZ

The Level 3 course will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Complete a detailed match report
  • Discuss different types of match report analysis
  • Review different formations the opposition may use
  • Explain and produce a completed full team player report
  • Complete a detailed review of a teams strengths and weaknesses to beat and nullify the opposition
  • Demonstrate how to complete set play reviews, both attacking and defending
  • Review of computer software for recording set plays and writing report

Post Certification Support (Exclusive to PFSA Football Scouts):

PFSA Scouting Network

As a PFSA Certified Level 2 Football Scout through this programme you are entitled to access onto the PFSA Scouting Network. The PFSA Scouting Network have partnered with several clubs within the football league and non-league and is the UK’s largest independent active scouting network. Once you are certified, you can undertake first-team assignments generating both individual and match reports as high as the Championship. This is a unique service which gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent of which clubs use the PFSA Scouting Network exclusively to recruit new football scouts.


Pathway to becoming a professional football scout with the PFSA

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PFSA Scouting Programme:

Introduction Into Football Scouting, Level 1 Talent ID In Football and Level 1 Opposition Analysis In Football (RRP £229.97)

Level 2 Talent Identification In Football and Level 3 Advanced Reporting (RRP £900)